(PTO-MC02-10) Router Machine With Set Of Tools- Export Quality

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Router Machine - Export Quality
3 phase Multi Speed - Export Quality without tools
VFD flow multi- Speed router motor
Self adjustment range
A. Motor Shaft: 00 to 900
B. Vertical Shaft: 700mm to 1200mm
C. Z axis: 3600
Seamless pipe- industrial pillar adjustment manufacturing
Casted heavy duty base give minimum noise

Router Machine set of Tools
Rasp Graining Head (Dia 36 mm)
Rasp Graining Head (Dia 50 mm)
Rasp Conical Graining Head (Dia 28 mm)
Sanding Drum (D72.5 X L200 mm)
Sanding Sleeves (Grit 40)
Sanding Sleeves (Grit 60)
Sanding Sleeves (Grit 80)