(PTO-MC02-7) Router Machine (Export Quality) With Open Type Dust Collector (Economic)

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Router Machine - Export Quality
3 phase Multi Speed - Export Quality without tools
VFD flow multi- Speed router motor
a. Motor Shaft: 00 to 900
b. Vertical Shaft: 700mm to 1200mm
c. Z axis: 360
Control panel with digital display
Seamless pipe- industrial pillar manufacturing

Casted heavy-duty base results minimum noise
Mounted Tool holder
Emergency Pedestal braking Mechanism
Focus light on job
Tempered and hardened, En 535 grade hard-chrome plated, Mirror Finish steel Shaft
Dust Collector Economic Open Type
Powder coated mild steel body.
Manually Detachable dust cleaning bag.
Dust collection capacity is 100 to 120 litters.