(PTO-MC03-2) Vacuum Machine For Lamination (IMPORTED) And Lamination Mandrill (AK+BK) 1 Each

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Vacuum Machine for Lamination (IMPORTED)
number of glass jars : 2
noise (decibel) : less than 60 db (a)
power supply : ac 220v, +-22v, 05+-1hz
max negative pressure : greater than 0.09 mpa
input power : less than 180 va
flow rate : greater than 20l/ min
jars capacity : 2500ml/pc, 2 pieces

Lamination Mandrill (AK+BK) 1 each
Mild Steel body with nickel chrome plating
Square piece for enhanced vice grip
Round plate for batter mold resting
to way holes for inner and outer bag suction